Ukraine War chronicles — 25th, February — 8th, March

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These War chronicles recount the twelve first days of the Ukrainian conflict in order to answer four simple questions: Why has this war been started? What are Vladimir Putin’ strategic objectives? Can this conflict spread all over Europe?  And lastly, to what new world order can it give birth? A young clone of Russia, Ukraine is a composite and artificial structure that has been bred by three successive Nannies: France, under Bonaparte; Germany, during the Second World War; and the United-States since 1991. 

Yet, these three Nannies have followed very similar objectives: to give Ukraine an education opposed to that of Russia so that Ukraine can, one day, kill her twin sister. If this operation succeeds, then Russia, disconnected from Western Europe, will definitely throw itself into China’s arms. However, if Russia wins the war, the Polish-Ukrainian buffer zone will be broken definitively. Any way you look at it, Europe, paralysed spectator of the clash of the empires, will be weakened. 


Member of the University of Poitiers, Thomas Flichy de La Neuville published Ukraine, why the war, in 2014. His works focus on the connection between Russia, Iran and China. He is the incumbent of the geoeconomics research chair of Rennes School of Business. 

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ISBN: 9782493323170
number of pages: 42 pages
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